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Security Policy

Welcome to the Jazz History Database and thank you for taking the time to learn about our security. Here at the Jazz History Database, we want all of our visitors and contributors to feel comfortable and safe using this site.


Every day web browsers are being updated to keep up with the expansion of the internet. This includes the addition of more features that can make websites easier to use and more portable, as well as including better encryption options and proper handling of sensitive data. In order to protect our users against online threats, we recommend that you use either the latest version of Firefox or Google Chrome.

We also would like to strictly warn against using any Internet Explorer version older than v11. These versions are no longer supported by Microsoft and should be upgraded in order to protect yourself.

While we do not prevent any of our users from using un-supported browsers to visit the Jazz History Database, it will function best on the newest browsers. For much older browsers, we do have a small alert to warn users that their browser is currently unsupported by its creators.


Cookies are little bits of information that websites store on your computer in order to make your web browsing experience better. For example, many sites using cookies, including ours, to maintain your sign in when you leave the site so that you don't need to log in every time you visit.

Cookies are very useful flor providing a good user experience, however some people have found ways to use them in other, more questionable ways. Some use them to track people's browsing habits and other such things. This is the reason for the European Union's Cookie Law which seeks to force websites to make sure that they inform their users that they are indeed using cookies so that the users can be aware of what is going on behind the scenes. Here at the Jazz History Database, we never track your data and strive to minimize our cookie usage as much as possible.

As of the current time of writing (October 6, 2016), we only use 4 cookies:

  • _ga: This cookie is for Google Analytics so that we can see how often our site is being visited and general data like browser types and referrers (what website provided you with the link to ours). We use this service so that we can best cater this website to our users. We do not track any personal data and we do not sell or provide data about our users to any outside entity.
  • csrftoken: This cookie is used for all of our login and upload forms. It helps prevent Cross Site Request Forgery in order to keep you safe.
  • sessionid: This cookie is what keeps your session alive when you close the browser so you don't have to sign in again when you come back. Logging out clears this cookie.
  • old-browser-alert: If you have an un-supported browser, a closable alert will appear at the bottom of your screen informing you of this. When it is closed, this cookie is set so that it doesn't appear again for 30 days.