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The Jazz History Database is an interactive multimedia museum focused on artists deserving of wider recognition and dedicated to the preservation of "at-risk" jazz artifacts. The rare and unique materials on our website have been contributed by individuals, academics, institutions and media from the US and Internationally. Our collections have been reviewed by our Curators and Editorial Team, but remain the sole property of the Contributor. The Jazz History Database is hosted by Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) under the direction of Professor Richard Falco, Director of Jazz Studies. The team at WPI works in partnership with the Jazz Education Network, the Massachusetts Association for Jazz Education, and WICN Radio. Read more about us.

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Accolades from Leaders in Jazz History and Education

Lewis Porter, Ph.D. - Rutgers University

Roger H. Brown - Berklee College of Music

David N. Jost - Massachusetts Association for Jazz Education

Bob Sinicrope - Jazz Education Network

Dr. Lou Fischer - Jazz Education Network

Chaim Burnstein - JAZZed Magazine

Rick Kessel - JAZZed Magazine

Dennis D. Berkey - Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Professor Richard Falco - Worcester Polytechnic Institute